Wonderware UK and Ireland Smart Cities Infrastructure


Imagine Wonderware technology that lets you manage your infrastructure as you like in an integrated way. Open, scalable, affordable. A Real Time Integrated Software Platform.

Building Intelligence
Operations managers and team have real-time visibility into the full range of plant processes, from planning, scheduling and setup to actual execution of operational activities. Easily integration with multiple equipment manufacturers & systems will help monitoring all systems, including HVAC, fire, life safety, security, personnel access, energy management, lighting, elevators, emergency generation, sprinklers and refrigeration and fostering an independence from proprietary vendor-support Contracts.

Public Utilities Management
You are able to increase efficiency and profitability, improve overall plant and operations, by increasing throughput, reducing scrap and waste and providing higher quality service. It is much simpler to maintain your operations with a centralised management and remote deployment of applications.

Better Services
A broad distribution channel will provide more choices for services, thanks to a solid collaboration with a worldwide Ecosystem and network of System Integration partners whose expertise applies to major SCADA systems within Transportation, Facility Management, Waste, Power as well as Water & Wastewater.

Cost Reduction
What may start as small application or performance tracking can grow in functional capabilities over time as your requirements evolve. This expanded use increases your return of investment over time and limits project risks and budget with a reasonable step by step implementation. Moreover, the operational efficiency can be reached by reducing waste and quality losses, as well as reducing energy consumption and optimizing operations & performance.

Thanks to an innovative control, you can provide higher security & safety for your critical infrastructure and public facilities against today’s growing threats. You will securely view, monitor & control the company’s operational information from anywhere, at any time.

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