Wojciech Odrobina Ireland – Architecture Facades


Experience with managing projects from inception to completion, including the co-ordination with other trades, working directly with the client and the construction team.
Fully proficient in ArchiCAD, Artlantis and Photoshop. Able to produce advanced 3D visualisation, presentations and brochures.

The architecture of facades. The facades of a construction are the faithful reflection, of the interior design of the spaces of it.

-What should the architecture of facades have?

1. The windows, lattices balconies, skylights and other elements that can make up a facade, must be because internally designed spaces that are necessary for the operation of that building.
2. The proportions of the positive spaces, like the volumes and the negatives where the facades are retracted forming spaces in them, are the authentic reflection of the project that the architect has realized.
3. The materials, textures and colors, are the architect’s design but must also be parate of what is defined in their relationship with the owner (s).

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