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Before we get stuck into the general property news of the week, below are the local and international stories that might be of particular interest:

  • TheJournal has an interesting new series called ‘Policy Matters’, which takes a deep dive into the ideas and solutions proposed by Ireland’s politicians on some of the biggest issues of the day. This week:  ‘Great in theory, but the reality is different’: FG housing spokesperson on the eviction ban – John Cummins said there is “no question” that homelessness remains the biggest challenge in housing. https://www.thejournal.ie/fine-gael-housing-policy-matters-2-6182542-Oct2023/

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Huge thanks to all iProperty Radio guests this month who participated in the ‘Property Roundup’, ‘Proptech Hot Seat’ and ‘Breaking Ground’ shows (only 3 of 13 on this growing global channel right now) and to everyone who tuned in. This summer we marked a milestone of reaching 1 million+ people PER MONTH through our iPropertyRadio Meta/Facebook Page. This month we are focusing on YouTube. More than 1,000 people per day watched our videos (31,620 over the last 28 days!), in addition to all Spotifyand iTunes/Transistor.fm downloads and listens.

AUDIENCE LOCATION: Interestingly, YouTube is the only digital platform/social media where our reach is less than 70% in Ireland (currently 49%), with the UK becoming an increasingly significant audience for us – our proptech content reaches a global audience.

AUDIENCE GENDER: Our demographic remains overwhelmingly male, which is not surprising for the planning, construction, property and proptech/construction tech sectors. Our show producer Katie Tallon MPRII genuinely strives to achieve gender balance in our guest line-up and topics; this month we featured a great discussion about PPE gear for women and the impacts of menopause on the use of PPE – thanks to Katherine Evans. Any suggestions welcome.

AUDIENCE AGE: Significantly, our audience is broadening above 45 years and now includes more people in the 18-24 age range, which we see as a great opportunity to inform the next generation of talent about the wide range of career opportunities within the industry 💡 Much credit for this goes to tower crane operator Kate Fahey and to the team at Townmore for their game-changing #ImInConstruction campaign!

If you haven’t checked out the YouTube channel yet, why not start with our interview with the tech founder (Aria Pour) behind Ireland’s cost rental allocation https://youtu.be/qiLRKrcj__Q?si=qth9q9DN2yldt8yj?

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This week on iPropertyRadio… 

#Property Roundup

On #PropertyRoundup, Terry Gorry, Owner of Terry Gorry & Co. Solicitors, joins host Carol Tallon to discuss buying and selling in the current property market, the vacant property refurbishment grant and various property schemes to help first time buyers get on the property ladder! (He also talks about using TikTok for business – definitely worth a listen)

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#Proptech Hot Seat

In the ‘Proptech Hot Seat’ on iProperty Radio this week is Aria Pour, CEO of Bynaric, a technology company that specialises in providing innovative software solutions for property management. 

Interestingly, Aria and his team provide the proptech solution underpinning Ireland’s cost rental allocation.

Aria gives us an overview of how Bynaric came to be, seeing problems in the industry and building the solution! Aria recently launched FairSelect, a tenant selection and onboarding software for the housing sector, learn more at 🔗 https://bynaric.com/

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This week on #BreakingGround host Carol Tallon is joined by Katherine Evans, Founder of Bold As Brass, a women’s network for UK mining industry, energy, highways, rail, construction, heavy industry, engineering and environmental services. Katherine discusses noninclusive PPE gear in the industry for women.  Really interesting chat about how the use of the wrong PPE gear impacts women at different times in their menstrual cycle or when experiencing the symptoms of menopause.

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  • Calls for urgent action as 17,000 vacant dwellings recorded in Cork – According to the CSO, there were 5,061 vacant properties in Cork city along with 11,994 in Cork county during the last recorded census.  https://www.echolive.ie/corknews/arid-41233513.html


  • RURAL IRELAND: There is a new group being set up for housing developers, property investors and estate agents trying or intending to deliver new homes, businesses or important infrastructure in rural Ireland – email in confidence to carol@propertydistrict.ie



  • Proptech Ireland is updating the database of 2023 Irish technology providers for the built environment – From smart design and planning right through to the smart property transaction, where does your Irish-led or Ireland-based proptech  or MMC business sit?  Pease take five minutes to add or update your details to our internationally-shared listing here: SIGN UP HERE: *https://prop-tech.ie/register/ * and email product or service details to hello@prop-tech.ie
  • Proptech Ireland: Ireland’s CONSTRUCTION and REAL ESTATE ESG technologies resource hub. Confused about how and where to start on your ESG journey? Contact us 👉https://prop-tech.ie




  • International Workplace Group (IWG) is opening a new flexible workspace building in Donnybrook, Dublin 4. The company, which operates through brands such as Space and Regus, said the move is in response to growing demand for hybrid working. https://amp.rte.ie/amp/1407496/



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From 2020, the publishers and I wanted to ensure the content remains topical and we are now doing this by crowd-sourcing home buyer and investor queries, with crowd-sourced and editorial team answers. 

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