W.B. YEATS | awesome big ship launch for IRISH FERRIES at shipyard FSG Flensburg | 4K-Quality-Video


On January 19th 2018 the launch of the hull of the new ferry W.B. YEATS for IRISH FERRIES took place at the shipyard FSG Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft. The W.B. YEATS will become the largest ship ever built at FSG. IRISH FERRIES wants to use the W.B. YEATS from the summer of 2018 on the route Ireland – France.
Filmed with a SONY FDR-AX53 and a SONY FDR-AX33 in high 4K-Quality.

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Some data for W.B. YEATS:

Construction costs: about 144 million euros
Size: about 55.000 GT
Length: 195 meters
Capacity: 1,885 people and 1,200 cars
Cabins: 440

Please watch also my big ship compilation:



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