Urban Research: Slumification and BIDs with Stefan Kreutz


Slumification. Underperforming local areas. Short-sightedness and unsustainability. Is BIDs the tool we have been waiting for?

BIDs, Business Improvement Districts, is a method for long-term collaborative area based development spreading around the world. The first BID started in Canada in the 1970s. Today, legislations that sustains the formation and functioning of BIDs are in place in countries like Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa and the United States. The implementation of BIDs-legislations are discussed in several countries, e.g. in Denmark, Norway, Belgium and Albania. But why?

What can Sweden possibly learn from international BID-experiences? What benefits could be gained? What mistakes should not get repeated? What are the scientific lessons, as the lessons for decision-makers and policymakers? Should the BID methods be further applied in Sweden? In addition, Mistra Urban Futures invites to establish a network of researchers and practitioners interested into this topic.

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