Urban Mobility Days 2020 – Planning for vulnerable to exclusion user groups: making SUMPs inclusive


Mobility in urban, peri-urban and low-density areas is often a challenge for vulnerable user groups such as elderly and young people, disable and people with reduced mobility, women, people on a low income, migrants and ethnic minorities.

The Covid-19 pandemic made the situation even worse, because it severely affected the availability and the affordability of (public transport) mobility options.

Only taking into consideration the needs, capabilities and attitudes of all those citizens, public authorities and practitioners can build a more inclusive and fair mobility system for all.

The hands-on ELTIS training session provided insights, methodologies and tools focussing on three relevant aspects: the knowledge of the needs and behaviour of vulnerable categories, the planning process (users and stakeholders involvement), and the measure definition.

This side session took place as part of Urban Mobility Days 2020.

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