Urban-Design as a Peace Building Tool | Benya Kraus | TEDxTufts


Benya Kraus is a Tufts alum who majored in International Relations and double-minoring in Urban Studies and Colonialism Studies. She’s been involved in Amnesty International USA on several different levels, including currently as a member of the Board’s Priorities Subcommittee, researching and conducting consultations on the development of the organization’s human rights priorities and campaigns. Her passion for human rights is supplemented with a
focus on international security, spending a summer working as an Oslo Scholar with Global Goals Advocate and UN High-Level​ Commissioner Dr. Alaa Murabit on the intersections of health, security, gender. Benya currently serves as a Global Schools Ambassador for UN Youth, charged with localizing education around the Sustainable Development Goals and with a special emphasis on Goal 11 -building sustainable communities and cities. She’s
also taken this interest to the hyper-local level as President of the Tufts Community Union, pushing forward a vision to revitalize shared social spaces on campus. Benya is a senior majoring in International Relations and minoring in Urban Studies, fusing together her passions for governance and understanding how peace and conflict are expressed spatially. Most of her time at Tufts is spent serving as President of the TCU Senate. Her talk revolves around how important designing for a community is. She examines the question “How can I design for peace?” on an international, national, and local front. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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