UPDATE 1 – Answers revised.
14- d —Even though British “civilian” is mentioned but the purpose was to train for administrative purpose
29- d — A simplistic reading of the first point makes it look correct but diving deeper into it the, age criteria i.e. 25ys, renders it incorrect.
33- d — MPLAD funds are non-lapsable. Monitoring arrangement by District Collectors as mentioned in 4th point is also correct.
34- d — Protection against untouchability is incorporated in Right to Equality.
46- a — The use of the term ‘desh’ wasn’t in context of Bengal specifically. Even though the impact of this book was profound in Bengal, this book described in exhaustive detail the British commercial and industrial exploitation of India.
64- a — As per the National Policy on biofuels 2018. Groundnut seeds and Horse gram are not mentioned in the policy even though the scope is expanded.
88- b — 4th point is correct, due to liberalization growth in Rural employment has decreased.

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