Trump's Tax Fraud? – Solomon Investor


Trump’s Taxes: Is he being fraudulent? Or is he simply a smart businessman?

There are so many differing opinions on this subject- some say its fraud, others say its capitalism. So, what is the truth?

Before we can answer these questions, we have to break it all down and look at it through a perspective that isn’t biased by political affiliations.

Let’s begin!

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Key Takeaways:

Breaking down Trump’s Taxes (1:39)
Why are General & Administration expenses so important in Trump’s Taxes? (2:57)
Million-dollar losses & tax breaks (4:56)
Why was the IRS tax code created? (6:23)
Real Estate Taxes & cash flow (6:52)
A real estate tax strategy (7:51)
Vertical-Integrated Synergies (9:00)

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