Transition Business Advice: Exporting to the EU and the Rest of the World


Ben Raby (Head of Trade Head of Trade, South East England, Department for International Trade) hosts this webinar for UK exporters “Prepare your business for 1st January 2021” with speakers Graham Zebedee (Director, Continuity, Wider Europe and Development) and Benedict Lucken (Business Readiness Team Leader, Trade and Investment Negotiations Directorate, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy). Q&A session led by Ben Raby.
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01:00 – Introduction from Ben Raby
01:30 – Aims of the webinar
03:41 – Topics covered in this webinar
05:48 – Graham Zebedee introduces himself
06:43 – What are the UK Global Tariff?
10:56 – What trade deals has the UK done so far?
13:09 – List of signed trade agreements
14:30 – List of trade agreements currently under discussion
16:50 – What are the changes around origin of goods and bilateral trade agreements?
18:37 – How the UK-Japan deal goes further than the EU-Japan deal?
20:39 – How the UK generalised scheme of preferences will support trade with developing countries?
22:27 – What is a government procurement agreement and what does it mean for your business?
26:08 – What are trade remedies? And how the UK will tackle remedies for unfair trade for itself.
29:41 – How market access barriers get in the way of business and how we can help?
31:25 – Benedict Lucken introduces himself
32:06 – Placing CE marked goods on the GB market from 1st January 2021
35:05 – Labelling goods correctly for the UK or EU market
35:19 – What will replace the CE marking when placing goods on the GB market?
36:44 – Timeline for UKCA. See links below for further information
39:34 – Start of Q&A session
43:12 – Do we just require the HS code to check the new tariff rate from 1st January? Links below.
43:45 – What type of agreement we are securing with Egypt?
44:44 – Anti-dumping measures – will existing measures still be in place after 1st January 2021?
45:41 – How to self-certify after January 2021?
46:38 – Can you view trade agreements by the benefits they offer to sectors or goods?
47:19 – In relation to origin but specifically inputs that originate from the EU?
47:50 – Is there a full list of product code included in the UK-Japan agreement and where?
48:55 – Will the UK be part of generalised scheme of preferences (GSP) agreement?
50:07 – Should you UKCA and EU diverge with items already with a CE mark and not a UKCA mark, will the CE mark still be legal?
52:00 – Plans of trade agreement with South Africa?
52:34 – And with Mexico?
53:26 – UKCA to be applied immediately?
55:19 – What’s the status of trade agreement with China and Algeria?
56:15 – Q&A ends


Check UK trade tariffs
Find your commodity code
Ask HMRC for help classifying your goods
Check if the UK has negotiated a trade agreement with the country you will be trading with
See the benefits of the UK-Japan trade deal for consumers and businesses
Check changes to trading with developing countries
Find out about bidding for overseas procurement opportunities
Find out which markets are covered by the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)
Read the guidance for exporting controlled goods from 1 January 2021
Familiarise yourself with the UK’s new trade remedies process on GOV.UK.
Find out about existing trade remedy investigations that may affect your business
Read the guidance for selling goods to the EU
Read the guidance for selling goods to the UK


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