On this inspirational video Monica & Christina will explain how they have achieved incredible success through property investing whist on the 12 month Property Mastermind Programme, founded by Simon Zutshi in 2007.

The property investing strategies shared with delegates on the Property Mastermind Programme have changed and evolved over time to match the changes in the UK property market. However, the goal of the Property Mastermind Programme has remained the same, which is to provide the specialist knowledge, mindset and supportive environment to help the delegates achieve a £1M+ property portfolio and an income of £50k (after all expenses) in just 12 months.

At the end of each programme, in the final workshop, Simon Zutshi, invites some of the top performers to share with their peers their property investing journey over the 12 month Property Mastermind Programme. You can be inspired by what they have achieved and learn from their top tips to use in your own property investing.

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