The Next Market Day-Irish folk song-Guitararr. J.W.Duarte


Here is another ot the 10 scores from John.W.Duarte in his booklet: ” For My Friends”
Duarte suggests MM144, but I have slowered the tempo in the middle part to adapt it to the shifting of the moods I guess varied during the two days on the Irish Market way back in time.
Duarte’s comment to this song: “The Construction of the Irish folk song is curious-four phrases each of four bars, in the pattern A:B:B:A; the tune itself is in the hypo-Acolian mode (DEFGABC, With the melody mainly situatedetween the two dominants i.e. within the octave A-A’ ”
My guitar: Antonio Raya Pardo, Granada 1988

Here is some more information about what happened: