Have you ever wondered what it’s *really* like to be an archaeologist? Then this is the film for you!

An ‘elegy to the seductive pleasures of archaeological fieldwork’, this film puts you right inside the trenches with DV’s team, and shows archaeology as it *really* is: the funny bits, stressy bits, magical discoveries and mundane moments.

It’s the first ever full-length documentary from DigVentures, and charts the team’s wildly successful 2016 crowdfunded excavation on Lindisfarne in search of the island’s iconic first monastery.

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‘The Talons Of Adventure, The Antlers Of Romance’ by Doctor Turtle / CC BY 4.0 / Shortened
‘Night Owl’ by Broke For Free / CC BY 3.0 / Shortened
‘Going to’ by Jahzzar / CC BY 3.0 / Shortened

‘Camera shutter fast’ by Inspector J /CC BY 3.0
‘Censor’ by Zombie Expert/CC0 BY 1.0
‘Hiiiighland’ by Digifishmusic/CC BY 3.0
‘Battle Horn’ by Porphyr /CC BY 3.0
Taken from Freesound