The First Dáil | Soloheadbeg Ambush | January 1919 | The Irish War of Independence


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Judging W.T. Cosgrave by Michael Laffan –

Judging Dev by Diarmuid Ferriter –

The Irish War of Independence by Michael Hopkinson –

Easter 1916 by Charles Townshend –

Here’s a glossary of terms:
A Specials – Full time special police created for Ulster
B Specials – Part time ‘paramilitary’ police
C Specials – A sort of reserve police who weren’t really used
Ancient Order of Hibernians – a fraternal organisation utilised by constitutionalist Home Rule nationalists.
Black & Tans/Auxiliaries – Demobilised British soldiers recruited to replace the ailing RIC in Ireland and to wage war against the IRA. The War of Independence is sometimes known as ‘the Tan War’
Dáil Courts – Revolutionary court system which supplanted the British one
Dáil Éireann – Revolutionary parliament set up by Sinn Fein MPs
IRA – Irish Republican Army – previously the Irish Volunteers
IRB – Irish Republican Brotherhood – a secret revolutionary society. Not endorsed by all the revolutionaries.
ITGWU – The Irish Transport & General Worker’s Union. A trade union of a socialist/Republican persuasion.
Labour Party – The socialist political party who often made way for the Republican movement, for example didn’t contest the 1918 general election so as not to muddy the waters.
Nationalist – also the Home Rulers, who wanted a devolved administration in Dublin.
Partition – the division of Ireland between the 26 county Free State to the South and the 6 county ‘statelet’ to the North, Northern Ireland.
Republican – Those who desired an independent Irish Republic
RIC – Royal Irish Constabulary (Irish Police)
RUC – Royal Ulster Constabulary (Northern Irish police – created later)
Sinn Fein – The political wing of the IRA, Republicans.
Unionist – Those loyal to the British crown, who wish to remain part of the United Kingdom

I’ll update this list as we go along.


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