TW: mentions of sexual assault
In ‘The Feminist City’, Dr Ellie Cosgrave uses urban planning to disrupt our thinking about how designing decisions impact different groups based on categories of identity. By weaving in personal experiences and supplementing them with the industrial realities of civil engineering, Ellie shows us how we can recreate the city to enable diverse peoples and bodies to get the very most of the places we live. Through centralising feminist and social justice ideas, Ellie explores how we can fundamentally transform our cities to ensure that no one is excluded from public spaces, or from the resources and opportunities cities have to offer.
@elliecosgrave Ellie is Director of the City Leadership Laboratory and Lecturer in Urban Innovation and Policy at University College London. Ellie has led research in a variety of fields relating to urban infrastructure and social justice. Previously this has included work on gender in cities including a UN-Habitat report on Safer Smarter Cities for Women and Girls as well as a research collaboration with the Liveable Cities research programme on Gender and Urban Design. Currently Ellie is working with London’s Mayors Office of Policing and Crime to undertake a scoping study for their UN Women Safe Cities work and is leading the C40’s international research for their Women4Climate campaign. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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