Seattle seeing spike in fentanyl overdoses


With just two months left in the year, King County is seeing a record-breaking number of fentanyl overdoses in the opioid epidemic.
New numbers from King County Public Health said there were 116 fentanyl overdoses in 2019. As of this October 2020, there’s been 135 fentanyl overdoses, surpassing all of last year.

Seattle’s Georgetown community is calling out to the city in desperation. Neighbors and business owners said drugs and mental health issues are fueling what they call a growing criminal element on their city streets.

Officials from the Seattle and the regional chapter of the NAACP on Tuesday called for the resignation of schools Superintendent Denise Juneau, saying she has inflamed racial tensions and removed black males from leadership positions in the district.

Gov. Jay Inslee said the state is wary of a surge in COVID-19 cases as he announced new measures to prevent the spread of the virus.
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