Red Mills complex,River Liffey,Dublin,Ireland


I am some times ask after I have made a video,were did I get my information,sometimes it can be months after I have made a video that I release it and by than I have forgotten the source of information as till now I never felt the need to record or notes it.

I first spend my time looking at old maps , the older the better some times ,and find something that interests me, other times I’ll spend time on Google maps ,find some interesting feature and than cross reference it with old maps.
I sometimes find a name of the area and began with that , in this case ,I found Red Mills. Which than lead me to the
Thoms official directory and
Irish official almanac,

Which give me the names of the Peat family and afte them ,the Presley family in the 1800’s
I than looked in to the history of chapelizod,
And found a site I’ll link below which I hope they don’t mind and I read their information and that of Balls history of Dublin(link below)
In this ,he notes a area owned by the crown equal to luttrellstown, this to me begin to fit the description, a Weir a sluice a woolen mill and a flour Mill, and a very important point was a fishery.not to be put off by thinking it could be the mills in chapelizod, now developed with apartments on top, I recalled when I looked up the national monuments maps the one maker only for the area I was researching ,was for a fishery.
I now had items that described this area, a beautiful estates, beautiful gardens, mills of the same description, a Weir a sluice and a fishery,
This would have been the king’s fishery and the kingsmills as known at the time. Approximately 1300s on wards ( I am of course open to correction I am just showing my research methods)
So,while still on the maps I noted this area I had assumed was chapelizod was in fact in

This lead me to recall a drawing I had seen while looking up old drawings of mills on the River Liffey
MILLS near chapelizod distant view of PALMERSTON.
,So near chapelizod isn’t chapelizod, with a view of palmerstown house,the hills,mills weir,, again, this matched the topography of the area, the mills,the position of the sluice gate matched also

Getting back to Castleknock
I found references to the Barons of Castleknock links below
Tyrrell had the name of the Barons of Castleknock and a reference to Baron Mills which I assume are of the same location been of their land of Castleknock.

Back to the maps I went , the national monuments map and that one spot of a Shirley fishery,which may date to the bronze age, again I found makings that could be forts or carins which I have reported to the national monuments and you can see in my video
Knockmaroon hill,River Liffey,Dublin
Which I link below,be warned it is almost 18 minutes long.
The land here is zoned for the development, so in time some will be lost, there are preservation orders on Glenmarroon house but all to often accidents become these places and I wanted to documents the area the best I could,the owners resistant to communication and aggressive towards any access. Any footage obtained was with out any one physically on the property and is for historical purposes, to see it as it was as of 2020.
I hope this is helpful to anyone reading this and my hope this is a useful window to the past

“January 2018 – History of Castleknock”

“Castleknock Castle: its Owners”

“Castleknock in the 1830s | Ireland Reaching Out”

“Castleknock – Wikipedia”


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