Keg Fittings:
Do you think big breweries
would sell their product
in containers that are prone
to malfunction?

Breweries throughout the world
will only buy
high-precision manufactured keg fittings,
because malfunctioning kegs
would cause a drop in sales
of their product.

ConTech International
produces both
the US “draft style”
beer keg necks
for nearly 100% of the
beer kegs made for the US market.
Contech even supplies
European beer keg manufacturers
with forged and machined
14 tpi beer keg necks.

Why do all these
foreign and domestic breweries
trust a parts manufacturer
in New Orleans, Louisiana?

All Contech’s beer keg necks
are manufactured according to
very strict criteria,
including special chemistry for the stainless steel,
and strict dimensional tolerances.

Need beer keg necks,
or other custom metal
or plastic parts?
Call Contech with your specs.

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