Jörg Asmussen on The Irish Case: An ECB Perspective


About the Speech:

In setting monetary policy and as a member of the Troika, which has provided Ireland’s bailout funds and oversees Ireland’s recovery program, the European Central Bank now plays a major role in the Irish economy. Against this backdrop the IIEA held a keynote address by Jörg Asmussen, which described the state of the Irish economy from the perspective of the European Central Bank.

About the Speaker:

Jörg Asmussen has been a member of the six person Executive Board at European Central Bank (ECB) since January 2012, when he replaced Jurgen Stark. Prior to taking up his post in the ECB, Mr Asmussen served as State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Finance. He has held positions in an array of international organisations including the G7, the World Bank, the EBRD and he currently is a Member of the Steering Board for the project on the future of the International Monetary System with the World Economic Forum.