John Gilligan Arrested In Spain With Gun & Drugs (Operation Godfather) #streetnews


Today footage released by Spanish police shows notorious John Gilligan’s arrest by armed police after being ordered to kneel and then lie down on his kitchen floor.
One of the officers could be heard barking: “Police, police, get on the floor,” as he ran into the villa at an undisclosed Costa Blanca address.
The footage showed the gun of the same brand and model used in the 1996 Veronica Guerin assassination was found using a metal detector hidden between two houses.

It had been thought the weapon, a Colt Python, had been found in a garden.

The shock development comes nearly 20 years after Gilligan was acquitted of ordering the assassination of Sunday Independent investigative reporter.

Police officers wearing latex gloves recovered it underneath gravel after the metal detector pinpointed it during a sweep.

It had been carefully wrapped in a plastic bag before being buried. Gilligan, filmed with his face blurred and a mask over his nose and mouth in the police video, was pictured looking on as officers proceeded to open boxes of toys and unwrap gift-wrapped items with drugs inside.

He is understood to have been arrested on Tuesday.

The operation that led to his arrest has been called Operation Godfather.

Court officials could not be reached this morning but Gilligan is understood to have been remanded in custody on Thursday following a court appearance.

It is thought the other five detainees have been released on bail.

Police say four residential properties were searched following raids and have not made any references in a statement to searches at commercial premises.

Police sources confirmed the gun they seized was found in the garden of the villa where Gilligan was arrested.

One source said: “The revolver was found hidden outside the villa where Gilligan was arrested. “Sweeps of large villas with a metal detector of the sort that appears in the police video are not uncommon during police searches.”

Another said: “It impossible to give a timeframe as to when investigators will know for sure if it’s the gun that’s been used in the Veronica Guerin murder.”

Court officials confirmed Gilligan had been remanded in custody by a duty judge following a behind-closed-doors hearing yesterday.

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