Irish Nursing Adaptation Process #nurse #ireland


We all have that dream to work in a different country as a nurse and Ireland offers a registration that is different from the RCSI examination and it is called Adaptation. This video will somehow give you an insight on how to ace and survive the adaptation period.

I would like to credit this information to Miss Una O’ Brien which is the owner of this explainer and Cliona Rafter who is the author. This video is mainly base on their hardwork and dedication in University Hospital Waterford.

Basically if you will undertake the adaption you will have a preceptor and a clinical facilitator. You will undergo; Initial Meeting, Intermediate and the final meeting. Each meeting will tackle on your progress as an international candidate and this domains are the main factors that you need to achieve in order to pass. Mainly you will be given 6 weeks to show your abilities and then after that it is your preceptor and clinical facilitator that will decide if you will be given a chance to extend upto 6 weeks more if you haven’t reach all the domains of competency.

Hope you gain something out of this video and remember always that life is a continous process and you will always have the chance to get what you want if you will strive for it!

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