Irish melodica – circular breathing (concertina accordion harmonica)


This melodica:
Top 10 melodica pianos for beginners:

All circular breathing!! A traditional style Irish reel (called the ‘Old Red Lion’) composed and played by Daren Banarsë. The melodica is very similar to both the concertina, harmonica and accordion in sound and construction.

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The melodica has many similar similarities to the Irish concertina and the Irish piano accordion, both of which are ‘reed’ instruments, like the melodica. In all 3 instruments air is blown past a vibrating tongue to create the sound. The length and size of the tongue determine which note will sound. There’s a separate reed for every note. The melodica can be seen as the right hand side of a piano accordion, but instead of bellows providing the air, the players lungs are utilised. Circular breathing helps to create the effect of a concertina.