Investing Unplugged: Secrets from the Inside from a Bloomberg TV presenter and Fund Manager


I will show you why financial journalists are not who should be picking your stocks. (I am a former FT columnist and Bloomberg TV presenter).

Neither should it be left to fund managers (I am a regulated fund manager – thankfully one of the elite hedge fund managers, not long-only).

You have to learn the basics to do it yourself. No subscriptions for apps to anyone. Anyone can be an investing Maestro. That’s my life’s ambition through all my books, newspaper columns and TV shows – to empower you.

Stop paying middle-men.

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People are fearful their pension pots and savings are not in the right funds and stocks.

They know they are underperforming. Do you have enough for your future?

We show you why you should be your own fund manager and what to ask your advisor. Learn a little, to improve a lot.

Agenda: [jargon-free, simple, straight talk]

Is This Covid Thing a Good or a Bad Time – What’s the Insider Hedge Funds Saying?
Why Should I Trust You? [You Shouldn’t – You Should Trust the Independently Verifiable Knowledge I Give You]
Surely Buying Global Stocks is Risky; And I Should Stick To UK Ones?
What Should Be My Investing Goal? How Much Money Do I Need To Retire?
How Quickly Does £10k become £100k and £100k become £1m?
Yes, but shouldn’t I just give it to a fund manager? [Either way, you need to be a little financially educated to ask the right questions]
I Don’t Know How To Decide What To Buy – It’s Too Confusing and Time Consuming [So let’s have a quick easy 3 step process using free internet resources that takes an hour a year!]
What Returns are Reasonable? [Here is statistical proof/data]
Shouldn’t I Just Invest in a 2nd Home for rental? [You can have leverage if you really want in ‘safe as houses’ stocks too – tax free]
How Long Do I Hold For? ; What If The Stock Falls? ; What If The Stock Rises?
Yes But, Aren’t They’re ‘Insiders’ Like Goldman Sachs and Rest of Us Who Just Get Screwed?
What’s The Quickest Easiest Way To Pick Stocks That the Gurus/Banks/Hedge Funds Have Already Researched for their Wealthy Client? [Answer: Filter, Filter, Filter. Ask: Which Stocks Keep Coming Up In The Most Strategies?]
What About Currency Risk of International Global Holdings?
How Do I Pick Brokers that I can Trust?
Do I Own the Stock or CFD/Spreadbet?
How Do I Save Tax, Esp If For My Pension/Long Term Savings?

Who: Pensioners to 30-something future planners;
beginners to experts who know there money is not working hard enough; those too afraid to invest, or without know-how.

Why Now – Why This Webinar:
Alpesh is an award-winning hedge fund manager, Financial Times author, Bloomberg TV and BBC presenter. No one else has his credentials. Simple. He says it straight.

People are fearful of missing out, but fearful of their own ignorance in not knowing what to do. Alpesh in simple terms, like he did on his TV shows on Sky, breaks down all you need to know.

Your fund manager is underperforming. They track the FTSE 100 which is at the same level as it was in 1997!

Your broker is over-charging and selling you funds with poor performance and big kickback

About Your Webinar:
With a track record over decades and published by the Financial Times in my books and newspaper columns and Bloomberg TV show, I do consider myself expert to convert regular people into professional beating self directed investors by showing them easy tools and tactics and revealing what’s in my son’s portfolio.

It’s my best ever investing webinar. I have put a lot of work into getting you the best data and information and picks.

The best thing you can do even if you can’t make it, is get ready by joining my Channel on your phone/desktop using this link: AND following me on LinkedIn to see my latest posts:

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