Inter Irish- Lesson # 24- Part 3 of 9(An Geall-Cuid a hOcht)



This has been termed an “intermediate” Irish class, but it’s for all levels, beginners included. We have included study sheets that go with each lesson and can be printed out from the website above:

When you go to the website, you see, in PDF format, all the lessons listed by number which correspond to each 10 to 12 part video lesson. Be sure to find and print-out the “Irish Prepositional Pronouns” sheet located just above the lessons. We recommend you print these lesson sheets out, you will need them to accompany and get full benefit the video.

These classes were filmed at the House of Ireland which is located in Balboa Park in San Diego. There are three Irish language classes taught each week – beginner, intermediate, and advanced, with a different teacher for each level. The teacher you see here is Shanti Hofshi, who has been seriously studying Irish for almost ten years. Currently I’m filming the intermediate (and a few beginning classes here and there) due to time constraints and I picked the intermediate also because it focuses on a broader spectrum of the language. And Shanti’s teaching method relates well through video.