Ignored by the Irish media – Tom Darcy vs A.I.B


A quick comment from Tom Darcy before entering the Supreme Court for his case against A.I.B on Friday 22nd Feb. This man represents many more like him in Ireland. Please stand behind him as he fights the criminals in the banks and courts.

The following is Tom Darcy’s opening statement, word for word, to the Supreme Court on Friday last, February 22nd 2013
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Before I start, as with every case I attend, I would like to identify the inequality of my position, I stand here today unqualified as a solicitor, uneducated as a Barrister, lacking in skills and knowledge and expertise in Law, inferior because of my social background, through desperation and fear of losing my family home, my life’s work and my family, I will vainly try to match the eminent Mr Fanning, the wealth of people with superior knowledge and skill and the reputable firm of Gores & Grimes.

I stand here today in a building where inequality is abhorred and punished, where the Constitution of this Country is upheld, that guarantees the rights of all the people in this State to be treated equally under Article 40 of the Constitution which declares that all citizens in Ireland should be held equal before the Law.

This means that the State cannot unjustly, unreasonably or arbitrarily discriminate between citizens you cannot be treated as inferior or superior to any other person in society because of their human attributes or your ethnic, racial, social or religious backgrounds. I have sought redress from the President of the Law Society, the Attorney General, without reply, I have sought from the President of Ireland, whose Office was established be the very Constitution I just read out, who pledged solemnly to uphold the Irish Constitution, who stated in reply to my letter sent, identifying thousands of Irish citizens, their families who endure the injustice and inequality perpetrated daily in these Courts, I sought my Constitutional Rights, he replied, it is not within his remit.

His oath of Office is exactly the same as your honourable Courts and these Honourable Judges affirmed, to uphold the Constitution and the Laws of Ireland .

I ask you, is what I am about to do today here, reasonable, just or equal, currently papers are being drafted to the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to force the Irish President, his Government, his Judges, and what a strange irony it is, that in everybody’s passport, who is a citizen of this Country it clearly asks every State in the World to assist and help an Irish citizen, when the Courts of this Country, when the President of this Country will not assist and help one of its own Citizens.

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