IETSBIO3 – Plastic recycling in Ireland Event


This event took place on the 12th of November between 5-6 pm​ on Microsoft Teams.

Ireland is one of the biggest producers of plastic waste in the EU per inhabitant. Often, recyclable plastic ends up in the general waste bin or non-recyclable products are mixed within the recycling bin. Or even worse, have you ever seen some plastic on the streets, rivers, or the ocean?

This event focused on the fate of plastic after we have used it and how we can improve plastic recycling as users.

What happens when it is introduced into the recycling chain or if it is wrongly disposed?
Is it always clear which materials are recyclable and which are not?
Do you find it easy to dispose your recycled material (e.g. at home, school, university, work place, or public spaces as parks or streets)?
How do you think plastic recycling could be simplified and made more efficient?

Find out more here – @3-how-to-improve-plastic-recycling-together%e2%80%8b/

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