How to fight racism – and how not to


Six years after the beginnings of the Black Lives Matter movement, the death of George Floyd in the USA has sparked an international movement against racism and police violence. The repression and injustices experienced by BAME communities day-in, day-out was captured by the last words of George Floyd and Eric Garner: “I can’t breathe!”

The protests against institutional racism have spread like wildfire to Britain, with militant demonstrations insisting that ‘the UK is not innocent’. But the question facing activists now is: how do we channel this incredible energy and potential power into real, lasting change?

In this session, Hamid Alizadeh will explain why the struggle against racism must be fought on a class basis – by uniting workers and youth into a mass movement capable of overthrowing capitalism: a system that has oppression, violence, and exploitation built into its very fabric.

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