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Immigration to Ireland is the focus of this video. In particular, immigration on investor visas and entrepreneur visas. In this video, I explain how you can migrate to Ireland through business or through making an investment in Ireland.

I’ll show you 5 options for securing residency in Ireland:
– The Start-up Entrepreneur Programme (or STEP), which legs you migrate to Ireland through setting up a high-potential Irish start-up business.
– Making a Charitable Donation of €500,000
– Investing €1,000,000 in Irish Enterprise
– Investing €1,000,000 in an Irish Investment Fund
– Investing €2,000,000 in an Irish Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

These 5 ways each allow you to get permanent residence in Ireland and Irish citizenship after 5 years. You can apply to migrate to Ireland by yourself, or with your family. You and your family will be granted residence in Ireland for two years, which is renewable for a further three years. After 5 years’ residence, you will be eligible for long term residence in the Ireland and you can then apply to the Irish immigration authorities for Irish citizenship, and become EU citizens.

The briefing in this video provides a brief overview only and is not a substitute for legal or tax advice on Immigration to Ireland. Expert, tailored legal, commercial, immigration and tax advice should be taken which takes into account your particular circumstances.

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