Housing, Urban Development and Zoning Committee Meeting (Revised)
10/02/19, 9:00 AM .

The Housing, Urban Development and Zoining Committee will meet to review the below Board Bills and have the following discussions:
Board Bill Number 88

Sponsored by Ald. Martin

An ordinance repealing Ordinance 69427 approved February 21, 2013, and pertaining to City public works contracts, Tax Increment Finance projects and St. Louis Bonded Projects, and workforce diversity, and establishing apprenticeship training, construction workforce development, and a Community Jobs Board, and in lieu thereof establishing a new ordinance pertaining to the same; and containing a severability clause and effective date. (Added September 17, 2019)

Board Bill Number 90

Sponsored by Ald. Coatar

An Ordinance recommended by the Planning Commission on July 2, 2019, to change the zoning of property as indicated on the District Map, from the dual zoning of “D” Multiple-Family Dwelling District and “G” Local Commercial and Office District to the “D” Multiple-Family Dwelling District on the newly platted Lot B (the parcel that abuts the existing alley) and the “H” Area Commercial District on the newly platted Lot A (the parcel that will abut both Geyer and Menard), in City Block 396 (1027 Geyer), so as to include the described parcel of land in City Block 396; and containing an emergency clause.

Board Bill Number 103

Sponsored by Ald. T. Hubbard

An ordinance authorizing the execution of an Amended and Restated Parcel Development Agreement by and among The City of St. Louis, Missouri, Northside Regeneration, LLC, and Northside Urgent Care Property, LLC, NS QALICB, LLC and HGP Hospital Corp.; prescribing the form and details of said Amended and Restated Parcel Development Agreement; authorizing certain actions by City officials; and containing a severability clause.

(This Board Bill was added from the Wednesday, September 25, 2019 HUDZ Meeting that was cancelled)

The committee will also have a discussion with Mr. Matt Moak the Executive Director of the St. Louis City Community Development Administration regarding Affordable Housing,

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