Great Irish Castles (Blarney, Dublin, Kilkenny, Ross, Rock of Cashel, Dunguaire)


We visited several castles during our 2 week tour of Ireland. There’s some much great Irish history behind each one. I think my favorites were Blarney Castle, where we kissed the infamous Blarney Stone, Dublin Castle with its history as a royal residence, and the Rock of Cashel, which dates back 900 years.

Here are the start times for each castle:
0:00 Introduction
0:05 Blarney Castle (Kissing the Blarney Stone)
3:57 Dublin Castle
5:33 Kilkenny Castle
7:09 Ross Castle
8:39 Rock of Cashel
21:15 Shannon Wickaninish Castle
21:29 Doonagore Castle
21:39 Dunguaire Castle

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