FXD 2018 Panel: Ethical Considerations in Designing for Financial Behavior


-Moderator, Amy Bucher, Ph.D.: Behavior Change Design Director, Mad*Pow
-Carly França: Director, UX Design, Fidelity Labs
-Matthew Rutledge, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Boston College Department of Economics
-Danielle Blanch Hartigan, PhD
Assistant Professor, Behavioral Scientist, Bentley University
-Skyler Place, PhD
Chief Behavioral Science Officer, Cogito

When Facebook launched its News Feed feature in 2006, they thought it would bring people closer together. What they found was the algorithms designed to show people what they wanted worked a little too well, creating information bubbles rarely pierced by opposing viewpoints and unintentionally creating polarized sub-communities.

Every time we design a product to change people’s financial behaviors, we have the potential to create another version of the Facebook “News Feed”; a product with good intentions that fails to account for bad actors, worst case scenarios, and with flaws in the underlying design that could produce unintended results. When we design for behavior change, we must wrestle with ethical dilemmas ranging from the obvious to the subtle. On this panel, we explore what we can do in our roles as behavior change experts and designer leaders to create products that don’t produce unintended results because of inherent biases.

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