#FPLive – William Reeve – What Makes Food Taste Different To A Tech Entrepreneur


William Reeve is co-CEO of Hubbub.co.uk, a UK online grocery business delivering the best food from local shops. He is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Fletcher Research (now NASDAQ:FORR), LOVEFiLM.com and Secret Escapes. He has served in a number of the leading internet businesses in the UK/Ireland including Evi, Graze, Media Ingenuity, Paddy Power and Zoopla as a founder, in an operating role, in a non-executive role, as an investor or sometimes a combination of the above.

Hubbub.co.uk is a home delivery service that is big on small shops. Hubbub makes it easy to buy the best food in your neighbourhood – and help small shops triumph over supermarket giants. Today, Hubbub works with over 100 of the best shops, markets and producers across London and has thousands of products available to shop online.

William will draw on some lessons he’s learnt at Graze and Hubbub.co.uk about what makes food businesses taste different to other e-commerce companies – or where they need the same ingredients after all.

On the menu:

• When is a subscription business not a subscription business, and vice versa?

• How to compete against the giants – whether that’s Amazon, Google, Sky or Tesco

• Muffins or MacGuffins – the secret ingredient behind every successful Unicorn

• Angel cakes or devils on horseback? The truth about VCs.

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