This video outlines the opportunities available to Irish researchers, SMEs and multi-national corporations for R&D funding through the Seventh Framework Programme. This programme runs until 2013.

If you wish to find out further information on FP7,

Dr. Imelda Lambkin
Enterprise Ireland
+353 (0)1 727 2665

Ireland has already benefitted greatly from previous EU Framework programmes, with our third level and company-based researchers drawing down almost €200 million from the Sixth EU Framework Programme.

The Seventh EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) was launched at the end of 2006 with a budget of approximately €50 billion covering the period 2007 to 2013. Under the Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (SSTI) 2006-2013, Ireland has set a goal to become a leader in research and development and innovation. The SSTI sets a target of €400 million to be secured by Irish participants in FP7. This target was set, however, before the final structure and budgets for FP7 had been finalised. Over recent months, work has taken place to establish a set of indicators by which Irish participation in FP7 would be monitored and to propose a new, more detailed set of targets for Irish participation in the programme up to the end of 2013. Based on the work undertaken, the Cabinet Committee has agreed that the total share of EU funding to be targeted by Ireland over the lifetime of FP7 should be in the region of €600 million.

The National Support Network for FP7 in Ireland was established in 2006 to ensure that Ireland gets maximum benefit from FP7.

National Contact Points (NCPs)

There is an Irish National Contact Point dedicated to each thematic area. They are happy to help with any queries you have about participating in FP7.

Thematic Areas


* Health
* Food Agriculture and Fisheries, Biotechnology
* Information and Communication Technologies
* Nano-sciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies
* Energy
* Environment (including Climate Change)
* Transport (including Aeronautics)
* Security
* Space
* Socio-Economic Sciences and the Humanities


* European Research Council


* Marie Curie Actions


* Research Infrastructures
* Research for the Benefit of SMEs
* Regions of Knowledge
* Research Potential
* Science in Society
* Support to the Coherent Development of Research Policies
* Activities of International Cooperation


* Fission and Fusion Research


* Joint Research Centre

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