Lots of firsts this season: driven gameshooting is covid-safe, there’s the new Beretta Silver Pigeon III to try, and Olympic medallist Steve Scott has taken up gameshooting. Roy Lupton enjoys a day at the Steventon Shoot in Hampshire, where you can win a peg. Every month throughout the 2020/21 season, Sporting Game Services is giving away pegs in a draw to be held on Fieldsports Britain. Find out how to enter the draw. Plus we talk night vision and thermal spotters and scopes with foxshooting kit reviewer Mike Powell. Does he agree with our viewer survey? We reveal our new survey – this weeks it is the top moderators of 2020. Ben O’Rourke is in Scarborough, where the locals council is paying a dotty £2,000 per business to get rid of gulls – the same gulls that Natural England insists are too rare to shoot. Charlie has the viewers’ pick of hunting videos on YouTube in this week’s Hunting YouTube, and David reports on the latest anti action on the News Stump. Catch all of this in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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00:55 Roy shoots partridges

For more about the Steventon and Farleigh Wallop shoots, visit – and take part in the 2020/21 prize draws to win shooting there.

32:20 Night vision
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24:11 Seagulls

21:26 Moderators survey results 

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12:27 Fieldsports News
Channel 4 News targets moor managers in rule-breaking report
Channel 4 complaints: and – we want to complain that (1) Channel 4 News is prejudging the goshawk case before it comes to court (contempt of court?) and (2) it is ‘jumping’ the shoot, similar to the case where a BBC reporter jumped a hunt master
Nest cam captures rare hen harrier behaviour
Anti badger cull group releases names of shooters
Cops ‘turning blind eye’ to illegal hunts, sabs claim
Hunt sab ‘guilty’ of tampering with video evidence
Arrest made in Bedfordshire stolen dog probe
GunsOnPegs gunmaker event moves online
Swiss to vote on wolf hunting
Mysterious elephant deaths now blamed on algae
US states warned of ‘feral swine bomb’
US prepares for National Hunting and Fishing Day
Giant London fox shot

35:29 Hunting YouTube
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