ESOF 2012 Dublin: Science and the City of the Future


Euroscience Open Forum 2012
Dublin, Ireland

China & Europe Partnership Symposium: Science and the City of the Future:
Since 2006, more than half of global humanity lives in cities. Within a few generations, this figure will exceed 80%. Nowhere is the challenge of rapid urbanisation of society proceeding faster than in China. The China-Europe partnership symposium on Science and the City of the Future will bring together leading scientists from both regions to examine the challenges and opportunities for applying science to develop sustainable, efficient and liveable cities fit for the 21st century and beyond. We will be joined by experts in urban planning, city ecology, embedded information and communication technologies, and the application of the emerging sciences of complexity to understanding the deep dynamics of city living. The challenges ahead are immense; but we look forward to welcoming ESOF2010 delegates, and our partner audiences in China, and around the world, to engage together in a timely and critical reflection on science, technology and the city of the future.


Dr. Lisa Amini
Lab Director, IBM Research Ireland Lisa Amini is a Disti…

Dr. Shi Nan
Vice President & Secretary General, Urban Planning Society…

Dr. Rusong Wang
Director, Urban Systems Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences…

Duncan Stewart

Prof. Denise Pumain
University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, France Denise Puma…

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