Equitable Urban Futures, a new initiative of the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning


On April 25, 2019, the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning was joined by community organizations and ASU partners as we launched our Equitable Urban Futures Initiative.

Our school is home to transdisciplinary research and education focused on creating balances between the natural and built environments and for the people who call these environments home. From accessible transportation and healthy food, to mitigating the challenges brought forth by changes to our climate, our school is leading the charge to create meaningful changes to how we create and invest in our cities to ensure a healthy and resilient future for all.

To accomplish this, we are launching the Equitable Urban Futures initiative — a multi-pronged approach to tackle these issues in the classroom and in the community, which includes:
• A new certificate in Equitable Urban Futures
• Internship program
• Equity-focused capstone courses
• Data compilation for use in regional equity studies
The Equitable Urban Futures initiative is a continuation of the work already in motion in our school, but aims to provide a structured and measurable impact, as well as a concentrated effort to engage our students in creating a more equitable future for our communities.

For the launch, we were very excited to host a panel discussion with community partners and school faculty who are making an impact in our communities through their work and research, including:
• Michael Batty, Bartlett Professor of Planning, University College London
• Dylan Connor, Assistant Professor, SGSUP
• C.J. Eisenbarth Hager, Vitalyst Health Foundation
• Sara Meerow, Assistant Professor, SGSUP
• Patricia Solis, ASU Knowledge Exchange for Resilience
• Kenneth Steel, Maricopa County Department of Public Health

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