E1061 AMA: Hustle Fund's Elizabeth Yin answers 50 questions from founders!


Hustle Fund Co-Founder & General Partner Elizabeth Yin answers 50 questions from founders!

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Note: we ran out of characters in the YT description due to 50+ questions!


0:43 Prashant: Would you have benefitted from an AngelList equivalent for venture capital?

1:23 Kate: What do you look for in a stand-out startup, specifically?

2:50 Emin: What FOMO tactics are you using while fundraising?

4:23 Cindy: Are you open to funding sextech? How do you approach the vice clause?

5:30 Kevin: How are other seed/early-stage firms investing right now? Does Hustle Fund’s approach vary greatly from the industry standard?

6:36 Susan: How do you think about investing in blockchain, AI, spatial computing XR & AR?

7:23 Matt: At what stage should a startup calculate CAC?

9:25 Saul B: How do you think about investing in the biotech/education space?

10:16 Vinay: We are a startup building the graduate program search engine. We are doing what you had done in beatthegmat.com Are you still investing in this business model?

11:16 Kevin: Favorite business models to invest in these days? Conversely, least favorite business models to invest in these days?

12:36 Simeon: What would be the minimum traction for a prop-tech that you would be looking for, before investing in a startup?

12:59 Ed: What kind of trends do you see in sports tech?

13:59 Andrew: I’m an LP in Hustle Fund. How can I be a better backer? Beyond money, what can investors like me do for funds we back?

15:21 Emin: What kind of startups do you want to see in the next 5 years?

18:27 Arjun: What is too early or too late stage for Hustle Fund?

19:05 Henry: How has your selection criteria changed for founders as a result of COVID? Are there new verticals you are backing given the circumstances?

20:07 Aaron: During this downturn, we had time to re-evaluate our approach and uncovered an exciting new path forward (with a much larger TAM). How can we effectively communicate that this is the best (albeit riskier) path forward?

21:56 Gustavo: How did corona change the dynamics of raising funds in-person vs remote meetings? And do you think we’ll fully revert to old practices once things normalize?

23:23 Emin: What is your north star vision for the future of Hustle Fund?

24:51 Jason: What’s the best pitch you ever got that resulted in the quickest yes and a check from you personally? How did that investment go?

26:29 Farshad: What is the nature of raising a seed round with only an MVP app in a highly regulated industry?

28:05 Marten: How do you see your roadmap for approaching globally thinking, European based pre-seed/seed startups?

30:19 Jing: Considering different industries move/evolve at different paces: When evaluating deals, how important is this for making your investment decision?

31:33 Timothy: How do you typically work with founders you backed? And given the larger portfolio you run do you try to focus on a certain number at a time?

33:44 Suzanne: Are you noticing any interest from investors related to problems arising out of our aging society?

34:26 Alex: When you look at growth metrics, how much do you attribute to marketing vs product-market fit & demand, and how do you determine the difference when it’s early-stage?

38:11 Austin: If you invest $20,000 in a startup what do you ask for in return and has that changed due to COVID?

38:20 Nirav: For people using social advertising to acquire customers what should early companies target for click-through rates?

39:12 Juan: What’s your recommendation or hack on getting intros to Angel investors?

40:05 Peter: Is there a clearly defined process to pitch you?

40:48 Harry: How would a member of this audience invest in one of your companies? Is there an online demo day? For new Angels, what’s the smallest acceptable check? If you can’t write 25K, should one stick to syndicates?

42:53 Ken: How much support would an investee expect from Hustle Fund in connecting them to other investors for later rounds?

43:25 Jean: Last week you started a conversation on twitter about “fundraising rounds” and if the concept of rounds is outdated. Maybe you can share a bit more of your thoughts on your idea?

45:22 Chuck: Are LPs/high net worths doing more direct investments into startups? Will early-stage funds get in on later-stage growth rounds?

46:16 Lee: If you are building a few different MVP’s before going all-in on one, do you want to hear from people only once they are at the all-in stage?

46:50 Huong: Can you please name some industries that you view as dying/dead?

47:47 Max: Given the high volume of portfolio companies you invest in, how do you and your partners find time to give advice? How do you prioritize which portfolio companies to give your time to?

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