Also, watch our new movie about the shops and pubs of Dingle,
We’ve been exploring the West Coast of Ireland and now we’re visiting Dingle which some people would say is the finest destination in the country. Dingle is a lush green peninsula extending out into the Atlantic Ocean.
Entering the Dingle Peninsula and passing through villages of Blennerville, Camp and Annascaul.
We stop by the roadside for a lovely view looking down towards the coast and across the green fields.
Next stop, Dingle, our home base for the next couple days. The town is one of Ireland’s best with excellent hotels, of course many pubs, and in recent years, Dingle has become one of the gourmet capitals of the country with many fine restaurants. We will be taking you inside a couple of them. The drive in gave us a nice overview and will be taking you on several walks through town.
Most visitors find the real attraction is the surrounding areas with the beautiful countryside and the historic sites. With a few minute’s drive, you are at the edge of town and beyond that, you’re in the countryside almost immediately.
So we hop in our van and do a tour of the peninsula. It’s not unusual to run into some rain when you’re out here in the far tip of Europe, in the Atlantic Ocean. And we had some rain this morning, but it cleared up a little bit during the day.
Dingle is a peninsula sticking into the sea at the western edge of Europe, set amid wild green scenery surrounded by the ocean.
One of the main historic sites you’ll see is Dunbeg Fort. It’s quite typical of the Celtic fortresses of the Iron Age in Ireland. It’s built right up against the edge of a cliff, so it’s easy to defend itself with the big walls on one side and the sea cliff on the other.
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