Critical Infrastructures (CIrcle) – City of Cork, Ireland


In a workshop with the Deltares CIrcle tools, stakeholders shared their expert knowledge on Critical Infrastructure networks in the area of the City of Cork, Ireland.

The results of that session included flood vulnerabilities and possible cascading effects between different networks, for a 1/100 years flood event and a 1/1000 years flood event.

This video shows that the 3D Interactive Modelling environment of CIrcle will increase understanding of Critical Infrastructure interdependencies. It is easy to play with the data, find the weak spots and test the effectiveness of protection.

The CIrcle tool can be used stand-alone, using static flood inundation maps, or in combination with flood simulation software, such as Delft3D Flexible Mesh (Delft3D FM) with full 3D interactive modelling functionality.

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