Slitter rewinder specs
“A” Frame Unwind with Fife Web guide
Maximum weight 2000 pounds
Maximum diameter: 40″
Maximum web width: 63″
Maximum core length of 67″
6″ External element Air shaft
Separate Module
Auxiliary Cantilevered Unwind
3″ External Element air shaft
Maximum Diameter 8″ O.D.
Maximum weight of 200 lbs.

Master Rewinds
Dual rewinds
3″ Differential airshaft
Cantilevered unload
Maximum rewind diameter: 20″
Maximum weight on each rewind: 200 pounds

Cap Sheet Rewind
3″ External Element air shaft
Drop in rewind
Maximum rewind diameter: 24″
Maximum weight 500 pounds

AB Compac Logix PLC
10″ Color HMI.
Additional operator controls on machine opposite side of HMI Controller
2ea Static eliminators

4ea Class II E-series Tidland Shear slitters
Splice station
External Element Bottom Knife ring airshaft

Variable up to 600 fpm