City Talk: Joe Salvo, Population Division, City Planning Commission and Stacey Cumberbatch


Doug is joined by Dr. Joseph Salvo, Director of the Population Division at the New York City Department of City Planning. The Division is the city’s in-house demographic consultant, providing population estimates and projections for infrastructure and capital planning and policy formation. Dr. Salvo is one of the premier demographers in the United States, a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, former President of the Association of Public Data Users, and advisor to the Census Bureau. He is a recipient of the Sloan Public Service Award from the Fund for the City of New York and city treasure.

Joining them later in the program is Stacey Cumberbatch, New York’s Census Coordinator. Prior to her appointment in January 2009, Ms. Cumberbatch served as Chief of Staff to the New York City Housing Authority. She has also served as Chief of Staff/Special Counsel to the City of New York’s Deputy Mayor for Legal Affairs and as an Assistant New York State Attorney General. (Taped: 9/29/2009)

City Talk is CUNY TV ‘s forum for politics and public affairs. City Talk presents lively discussion of New York City issues, with the people that help make this city function.

City Talk is hosted by Professor Doug Muzzio, co-director of the Center for the Study of Leadership in Government and the founder and former director of the Baruch College Survey Research Unit, both at Baruch College’s School of Public Affairs.

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