Saturday, January 22, 2022

When City Planning in Cities Skylines survives the apocalypse

The world has been destroyed entirely. It's time to rebuild and survive the tsunamis that happen every five minutes. ~Watch all of my Cities Skylines...

AUM session13 Urban modelling and the planning of the built environment 30 Nov 2020

Session outline: UK2070 Futures Modelling: Results from pre- and post-Lockdown scenarios Ying Jin, Steve Denman, Li Wan, ( University of Cambridge) Using Machine Learning and GPU Processing...

Bridging the gap: Driving private investment in infrastructure provision

An expert panel discuss infrastructure private investment models. What are the trends around the world? How do they impact on investment? How can we...

Wojciech Odrobina Ireland – Urban Planification

Wojciech Odrobina Ireland - Show us some urban planifications Urban planning is a discipline that seeks to improve the well-being of people and their communities...

Finglas Today Tonight 1982 Part 1

Part 1 of a Today Tonight show all about the problems in Finglas West at the start of the eighties. Publication link

When City Planning in Cities Skylines traps everyone inside The Dome

We have cut off all contact from the outside world. All that remains is to test The Dome's defense systems ~Watch all of my Cities...

Wind Engineer

Publication link

When City Planning in Cities Skylines floods Atlantis

All great civilizations must come to an end, even those that were created 20 minutes ago. ~Watch all of my Cities Skylines videos here: ~Twitch...

Auxilia Consultants

We are the Supply Chain and Business Management Consultancy firm of choice among leading Food companies across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe. Publication...

How to grow Chilli Peppers video with Thompson & Morgan

Chillies are surprisingly easy to grow, and there's a chilli pepper to suit everybody's tastebuds. Learn how to grow your own chillies with our...

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‘Back to the Future’ for Ireland’s Real Estate Sector in 2022

ESG will be a Key Theme This Year Interest in Alternatives Picking Up Pace

Planning permission received by Douglas Wallace Consultants

Planning permission received by Douglas Wallace Consultants for large scale residential SHD application at Coleville Road, Clonmel. Co, Tipperary

Growth at JJ Rhatigan & Company Continues with Two New Senior Appointments

This latest phase of expansion sees Niall Higgins take over as Chief Operations Officer of the Tier 1 construction firm; while Francis...