Castles, Concerts, and Whiskey with Alex Conyngham of Slane Irish Whiskey – Episode 247


We started off the year talking about Scotch… and now…we’re talking Irish Whiskey? It’s not another April Fool’s joke. We had the opportunity to sit down and capture one of the most interesting stories in Irish Whiskey with Alex Conyngham, co-founder of Slane Irish Whiskey. We talk castles and rock concerts because that’s one big aspect of his history. Then we get into the dynamics of Irish whiskey and if there are commonalities between bourbon like sourcing, regulation, and financing a distillery. Then we discuss the role Brown-Forman plays and how they are trying to appeal to both bourbon and Irish Whiskey consumers.

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– This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about drinking bourbon during the COVID-19 pandemic.
– Where did you grow up and how did you get into whiskey?
– Tell us about your rock concerts.
– How did you decide to do the concerts?
– What is a good Irish cocktail?
– Where is Slane?
– What makes Irish whiskey unique?
– Do people source Irish whiskey?
– What is the process?
– How did you decide to start the distillery?
– Did you use a consultant to get started?
– What’s glamping?
– Tell us about your dad.
– How did you finance the distillery?
– What was it like to work with Brown-Forman?
– How big is the distillery?
– What age can you sell Irish whiskey?
– Tell us about the whiskey?
– Do you have your own yeast?
– What’s the typical Irish whiskey proof?
– How long are you aging?
– Tell us about your packaging.
– Would bourbon drinkers like Slane Irish whiskey?
– Tell us about the ultra premium Irish whiskey category.
– What is the price point?

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