Carál Ní Chuilín slams Gregory Campbell over Irish language insult


Sinn Féin MLA Rosie McCorley has accused the DUP of once again going out of its way to insult the Irish language community and the hundreds of thousands of people who speak the language on a daily basis.

The Sinn Féin Irish Language spokesperson said:

“Gregory Campbell’s ignorance and disregard for anything Irish was once again on full display as he strung together a line of English in a way to mock the Irish language.

“This is completely unfitting of an elected representative who would be at pains to insist that he represents everyone in his constituency. It is even more unfitting for these comments to be made in the Assembly chamber.

“If Gregory Campbell had have treated any other national language like this he would rightly have been accused of racism from all sides of this house.

“Unfortunately this is nothing new from the DUP who have blocked the development on an Irish language act, and whose representatives have a long history of insults to the Irish speaking community.

“While this might be funny in Gregory’s little closed world, it is hugely insulting to all of those who promote the huge benefits of endorsing and enhancing bilingualism in our society especially in our children.”