Canadian Triathlete ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


19-year-old Canadian Triathlete – Ben Sayles, from Brantford, Ontario finally got nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Having watched many videos of people pouring water (is it warm or room temperature and not cold?) Ben wanted to do a real ice bucket challenge. He filled his hotel room’s ice bucket 89 times over (wanted 100 but the hotel’s several ice machines could not handle that amount) and sat in an ice bath, with frigid water pouring down from the shower and poured garbage bins of ice on him to make for an EPIC Ice bucket Challenge! Sayles also donated $62.30 to ALS online – 89 buckets X 10 cents each = $8.90 a minute. He lasted 7 minutes and made the donation as his legs regained feeling. 🙂 Enjoy…

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