Bridget Meehan | The Myth of the Celtic Tiger, Irish Politics, and Alternatives to Neoliberalism


Bridget Meehan is based in Ireland and is a community activist and public policy researcher. She is co-founder of Our Money, the campaign for a mutual bank in the north of Ireland, and co-founder of Collaboration for Change, a network of progressive activists across Ireland. She is also a member, along with Vince, of the writing group ‘Collective No. 20.’ Collective No. 20 is a group of writers being assembled who are located in different geographical regions throughout the globe. Some young, some older; some long-time activists and writers, others just getting started, but all equally dedicated to providing analysis, vision, and strategy useful for winning a vastly better society than we currently endure. The members of Collective No. 20 hope their contributions concerning social, political, economic, and ecological issues will generate more useful content and better outreach through a collective publication effort as opposed to individuals doing so on their own.

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