Biddy Livesey – Urban Māori Urban Planning


Seminar: Urban Māori
We held a seminar on Our faces in our places: Recognising the diverse needs of urban Māori, with speakers Keriata Stuart, Anaru Waa, Biddy Livesey, and Jonathan Kilgour.
Date: 20 April 2016, 12pm – 1pm,
Place: Adam Auditorium, ground floor, City Gallery, 101 Wakefield St, Wellington.
Our faces in our places: Recognising the diverse needs of urban Māori
In this seminar researchers talked about their work investigating the drivers of Māori involvement in urban development. This research is part of the Tāone Tupu Ora strand of the Resilient Urban Futures programme (a research project funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment). The research started with the hypothesis that increasing authentic Māori participation in creating urban futures would significantly contribute to making New Zealand cities more resilient, liveable and competitive. The speakers discussed the experiences of Māori urban development and aspirations for living in urban environments, how Māori interests are represented in urban governance and what the challenges and opportunities are for their participation in urban development.
Biddy Livesey (Pākehā) is a PhD candidate at Massey University, Auckland. Her current research investigates the urban development of land acquired as commercial redress through settlements under the Treaty of Waitangi. She has worked in the area of urban development as a policy planner at Auckland Council and policy analyst at the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment. She has an MSc in Urban Management and Development, a BSc in Ecology and Biodiversity, and a BA in Te Reo Māori.

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