BBC Fox Wars Documentary narrated by Rebecca Front and directed by Leon Hunt. Interesting and balanced documentary, showing both sides of peoples’ views on urban foxes.

An important point this documentary does raise is that humans feeding urban foxes definitely encourages them to come back night after night.

Do urban foxes need the assistance of humans to survive given the abundance of food that we throw out in our towns and cities?

Unfortunately, this documentary doesn’t really offer much advice for those looking to keep urban foxes out of their garden. The deterrent products shown are listed below, however the most effective fox deterrent is not featured, but can be read about here:

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Fox Repellent Products shown in this film:
4:22 – Brown Fence Wall Spikes

8:10 – Foxolutions Scoot Fox Repellent

39:43 – Rutland Electric Shepherd Battery Energiser

40:05 – Contech Motion Activated Water Scarecrow

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