5. Resourcefulness in Real Estate and your Response to the Covid19 Crisis


Behind The Facade is dedicated to exploring the mental game and essential mindset critical to success in property investment & development. Hosted by veteran real estate entrepreneur Gavin J Gallagher, whose own career spans 25 years across a full spectrum of international assets and projects, this podcast aims to impart valuable insights and actionable strategies for building wealth in a structured and sustainable manner. Delivered through a combination of guest interviews and Gavin’s own uniquely authentic and personal war stories of both his successes and failures, each week the show will cover a topics through the lens of innovation, inspiration or impact.

In this weeks episode I cover the return to work and reopening of your business followed by some thoughts on being more resourceful and creative in your response to the Covid19 crisis. Thoughts on innovation and the use of technology in real estate followed by a short mental exercise on worst case planning which should help you with deciding how best you can take action.

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