42" Polished Brass Kmart Alaska Ceiling Fan (Part 2)


Recorded on August 17th,2015 using my AT&T Android Phone.

Kmart Alaska (Sheng Yuan) 42″ Ceiling Fan in polished brass,it is located at the habitat restore,the previous donor did not bring the original blades for this fan that he/she donated,so I tested this fan with the blades that came off the littleton ceiling fan that I donated on August 14th,2015. The only characteristics with this fan that a Casablanca ceiling fan has is that it starts off on low,them is medium,and then is high. This fan is dated April of 1985 and the original blades are stencil,and I’m assuming that the blade brackets would be moon brackets or pretzel brackets. This fan is not ment to be down rod mounted,so it is close mount only,but it can be converted to a downrod mount ceiling fan if you add a coupler to it,etc. This time it is tested with the globe.

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